Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I received my my invitation yesterday for the Philippines departing July 1, 2011 as a Youth Development Facilitator. I am very excited about my placement and departure date it was very unexpected because I was nominated for Eastern Europe in April 2011. This is also great news because my twin sister and my mothers family all live in Australia I will now be much closer to them which is also good news to be close to family.

Well I have accepted my invitation and have now started the process of getting all the necessary paperwork completed before my departure date. Yah yah all the waiting to hear where I'm going is over, now for the preparation on leaving for 27 months.   

Friday, April 1, 2011

Its in the mail....

It has been a great week for me. After no word from the Peace Corps for about a month my departure date was coming closer and closer. I decided to contact my recruiter to see if he could shed a little light on the situation he told me that he would see what he can do and would get back to me by the end of the week. To my surprise this helped and by the end of the week my Placement Officer emailed me to set up my final phone interview (which was this past Monday). I promptly scheduled the first possible time on Monday.

After waiting by the phone for about 30 minutes without a phone call, I decided to check my voice mail Ahhhh I missed the call because my phone never rang I freaked out I called my placement officer back quickly and left a message (because she did not answer my luck) but she called me back about 10 mins later yah yah. I think she knew I was very excited lol I calmed down and we began the interview. After about a 30 min conversation discussing PC expectations and my goals while in the PC. She said congratulations you have been qualified for service. That is what I have been waiting to hear for the past 8 months. She told me I had qualified for three jobs and she needed to review my file within the next week or so and she could place me to the best possible position. I thought great more waiting but I was still excited. I thought I wouldn't hear nothing back until next week. But to my surprise I received one of those lovely 2am email alerts stating my application had been updated. I checked my application status and I am now a invitee, my packet was sent out Thursday March 31, 2011. Sooooo finally its in the mail where I will be volunteering and living for the next 27 months of my life.

Lucky me I get to wait the whole weekend for my packet to reach Phoenix from Washington DC (I think the PC does this to see if they can mess with your emotions just a little bit more before you leave.) Lol jk I think everyone can relate to that while waiting to hear back from the PC.

Until Monday fingers crossed.    

Friday, February 25, 2011

202 please call....

Okay so I have a dental, medical, and legal clearance for the Peace Corps which is great news. I have sent a updated resume to the PC which means I should shortly be making the transition from nominee to invitee. But this is easier said than done I received a email stating that my application has been sent to a Placement Officer so I have been anxiously awaiting that phone call from a 202 area code for about a week now. I am hoping this phone call will come some time early next week. 

Also along with this delay in contact from my Placement Officer I think my departure time for April 2011 has been moved back a month or so. Which gives me a little extra time to make those necessary adjustments for 27 months aboard.

Last week I completed my first 1/2 marathon which is something I wanted to do before I left for the PC; now that I have finished this challenge I am ready for the next major goal in my life. That goal is to be apart of the PC I feel that I have prepared myself the best way I know how to start this next journey of my life. Just getting ready for that phone interview with the Placement Officer hehehe.

202 please call ring ring....soon fingers crossed
I'll keep everyone posted            

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Step by Step....

As a Peace Corps applicant I am constantly waiting for those 2am or so emails that come through my cell phone stating that I your application has been updated. About a week ago I got a status update that stated your medical review has been completed and I should be looking for a letter in the mail. First thing that came to mind was great now another waiting game here we go. Well about 4 days later (due to the weekend) got a letter in the mail from OMS (Office of Medical Services) stating that they are pleased to inform me that I have been medically qualified for services.

Yah yah. I have now been moved to the process of the Office of Placement. Now I am waiting (again) to hear from a Placement Officer. Knowing that my departure date is in April 2011 I assume it will be sooner than later (but we all know what happens when we assume about the PC) hehe but anyways just venting on this lovely lengthy process dealing with the PC. I am just anxious to find out where I will be the next 27 months. And how successful I will be in such a great organization.

I'm just hoping that all this tears, sweat, and blood (literally) will pay off and get me to where I want to be in my life and career.

Just waiting on the next step....  


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Almost done

I read the PC journals daily; I have also downloaded the app. on my iphone which has made my addiction to posting much easier. I LOOOOVE IT!!! hehe. After reading many posts daily which have helped me in my journey to be a part of the PC, I have decided to join the journals myself so here we go.  I received my nomination letter in September for Eastern Europe in April 2011. I am currently a High School JV boys soccer coach which I enjoy so much. Coaching has always been something I can fall back on. It's a good way to past the time while waiting on the PC lengthy process. I'm sure everyone can relate.     

I am very close to completing all of my medical requirements for the peace corps. Which has been a very lengthy process for last couple of months. My first hurdle was the fact that I did not have health insurances due to the fact that I am over the age limit to stay on my parents, "even though at the time I was still trying to complete graduate school". But that is a whole other issue. But on the other hand I have a very supportive father who has helped me financially in my goal to be a part of the peace corps. Tomorrow I will going to the dentist to get two fillings and a crown (not happy). On a brighter side this is the last information the peace corps requires from me. I am very excited to have these last couple of months to come to a end and turn my focus to preparing myself for the next adventure in my life.   

Until later....